Sascha Pedzy Johnston Age 12

1st and2nd place painting category out of 5000 entries. State wide competition held by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. 


Evan Rosato  Age 17

3rd place National Congressional Art Show  

1st place Kaiser College High School Juried Show

Best of Show Kaiser College High School Juried Show


Kelly McMahan  Age 15

1st Place Loggerhead County wide Art Contest

3rd place High School Juried Art Show Marvin Cone

Purchase Award High School Juried Art Show Marvin Cone

Purchase Award Rising Star Show VSOA


Emily Smith  Age 10  5th Grade

1st place The Fraternal Order of Eagles Canada and US International Art Contest 


Kate McMahon  Middle School

1st place Loggerhead County wide Art Contest Middle School

Purchase Award Rising Star Show VSOA


Madisyn Derita Middle School

Best of Show  Loggerhead County wide Art Contest Middle School

Winner T-Shirt Contest  Loggerhead County wide Art Contest Middle School





Emily Smith  Age 11 

International Grand Prize / The Fraternal Order of Eagles Canada and US International Art Contest 


Ava Ledon  Age 7

1st place People’s Choice Home and Garden Show

2nd Place Environmental Center Art Show

Honorable Mention Audubon Society Martin County “My Favorite Bird” Art Contest

Purchase Award Home and Garden Annual Show


Mia Gifford  Age 8

Best of Show Audubon Society My Favorite Bird Contest 

1st Place PTA Reflections Contest Winner 

1st Place Benihana Children’s Day Art Contest Winner


Christopher Carnes  Age 8

1st Place PTA Reflections Contest State Finals Visual Arts Elementary Schools


Loggerhead Palm Beach County Schools Area Wide Art Contest:

Best of Show Madisyn Derita Elementary School

1st Place Kate McMahon High School

3rd place Danielle Keller High School

T-Shirt Winner Madisyn Derita 5th Grade

1st Place Jade Nunez Elementary School

2nd Place Grace Hulen Elementary School

3rd Place Katie Berger Elementary School

14 Honorable Mention Awards 





Mia Gifford 

3rd Place Audubon Society Martin County My Favorite Bird Contest

3rd place Tykes and Teens Art Award Winner - 3rd place 2013-2014

1st Place ZooBooks Magazine Published Art Winner 

1st Place PTA Reflections Contest Winner 


PTA Public School Martin County Schools Reflections Contest:

Area Wide Martin County

1st Place Primary Grace Hulen Visual Arts

1st Place Primary Mia Gifford Photography

2nd Place Primary Noah Hulen Visual Arts

1st Place Intermediate Christopher Carnes Visual Arts 

1st Place Middle School Emily Smith Visual Arts


Loggerhead Palm Beach County Schools Area Wide Art Contest:

Best of Show Kelly McMahon High School

1st Place Emily Royo High School

2nd place Danielle Keller High School

3rd place Madisyn Derita High School

T-Shirt Winner Madisyn Derita

1st Place River Hassett Middle School

1st Place Alex Elam-Goodwin Elementary School

2nd Place Devon Barber Elementary School

3rd Place Hannah Christiansen Elementary School


Audubon Society Area Wide School Contest  "My Favorite Bird":

Grand Prize Winner Akash Kumar  Age 8 

1st Place Christopher Carnes  Age 7  Grade 3

2nd Place David Archuletta  Grade 3

3rd Place Tiffany Miller  Grade 3

1st Place Jade Nunez  Grade 4

Best of School Tiffany Miller 





Mia Gifford  Age 9

3rd Place International Art Basel Miami Endangered Species Art Contest / Art Basel Display

1st Place ZooBooks Magazine Published Art Winner National Art Contest


Aiden Serafica  Age 10

1st Place Martin County Fair Fine Art “Save Our River" Palm City Palms

Purchase Award Palm City Palms


Kimberly Locke  Age 10

Best In Show St Lucie County Fair Pastels

1st Place St Lucie County Fair Acrylic


Carolyn Locke  Age 10

Best In Class Charcoals St Lucie County Fair

1st Place 5th Grade Audubon “My Favorite Bird Contest” 



Annual Home and Garden Show People’s Choice Awards with Juried Art Contest

Jurors: Alice Laputka, Thomas Winter, Lisa Young


People’s Choice Awards:


Ages 4 - First Grade:  Michael Ciferri  Age 7


Second grade - Fifth Grade:  Ava Ledon  Age 8 


Middle School:  Madisyn DeRita  Age 13


High School:  Danielle Keller  Age 16


Juried Art Show Awards:


Ages 4 - First Grade: 


First Place:  Rees Miller  Age 7


Second Place:  Kamryn Zucker  Age 5


Third Place:  Cristina Buzatu  Age 4


Honorable Mention:


Marissa Dadko  Age 6

Sarina Dadko  Age 6

Zoey Meixner  Age 6

Sienna Alexander  Age 7

Sarah Paoleschi  Age 8

Emma Paoleschi  Age 8

Jude Mackenzie Age 6

Michael Ciferri  Age 7


Second Grade - Fifth Grade:


First Place Tie:  Christopher Carnes  Age 9  and  Jade Nunez  Age 10


Second Place:  Grace Fenniman  Age 11


Third Place:  Ella Migliorino  Age 10


Honorable Mention:


Gabby Striglia  Age 10

Mia Gifford  Age 9

Jasmine Nunez  Age 8

Tiffany Miller  Age 9

Gianna Falcones  Age 8

Kimberly Locke  Age 9

Caroline Locke  Age 9

Martina Jarrin  Age 10

Ava Ledon  Age 8

Nick Brandt  Age 11 

Sofia Buzatu  Age 9

Michael Edmundson  Age 8

Taylor Marshall  Age 9

Brenden MaKenzie  Age 8 


Middle School: 


First Place:  Madisyn DeRita  Age 13


Second Place Tie:  Marly Beroushy  Age 11  and  Ty Campbell  Age 12


Third Place:  Erin Dermody  Age 11


Honorable Mention:  Ariel Dacesta  Age 14


 High School:


 First Place:  Emily Royo  Age 17


Second Place:  Danielle Keller  Age 16


Third Place:  Sierra Brown  Age 15


Honorable Mention:


Brandon Payne  Age 16

Madison Riche  Age 15



Audubon Contest Martin County Area Wide Schools:


Grand Prize Winner Best of Show for all ages:


Tiffany Miller  Age 8  for "Pelican"  Pastel


3rd grade:


1st Place:  Sarah Paoleschi  "Sanderlings" Pastel

2nd Place:  Grace Fennemin "Skimmer" Pastel

3rd Place:  Mia Gifford "Hawk" Pastel


4th Grade:


1st Place:  Ella Migliorino "Seagull" Ceramic

2nd Place:  Chris Carnes "Kingfisher" Graphite

3rd Place:  Nicholas Brandt "Great Blue Heron" Pastel


5th Grade: 


1st Place:  Caroline Locke "Pelican" Pastel

2nd Place:  Gabby Striglia "Egret" Pastel



Environmental Earth Day Contest:


Danielle Keller - Best of Show High School

Madysin Derita - Best of Show Middle School

Abigail Afong  - Best of Show 2nd- 5th Grade

Marissa Dadko -  Best of Show Ages 4 - 1st Grade



Emily Royo  Intern / Student teacher:

2014  2nd Place Tykes and Teens / County Wide High Schools / Stigma of Depression

2014  Award of Excellence Art Mundo Acrylic

2014  Award of Excellence Art Mundo Oil

2014  Congressional Art Show

2013-2014 / 3 Purchase Awards Office of Elections Vicki Davis with Permanent Public Art Display



Danielle Keller Intern / Student Teacher:

Purchase Award  Supervisor Of Elections Vicki Davis $100.00

2nd Place in the 'Color Me Patriotic' 2014 Contest, through the Supervisor of Elections Office, Martin County



Kimberly Locke  Age 10

1st Place  2015  Art Olympiad Competition - Olympic International Committee Art Show / State Wide

(Kimberly has advanced on to the national contest. The winner will be displayed at the 2016 Olympics)



Martin County Fair February 2015:


1st Place:  Mia Gifford  $10.00

1st Premium:  Mia Gifford  $5.00


1st Place:  Kimberly Locke  $10.00

1st Premium:  Kimberly Locke  $5.00

2nd Premium:  Kimberly Locke  $3.00


1st Premium:  Grace Fenniman  $5.00


1st Premium:  Ava Ledon  $5.00

1st Premium:  Ava Ledon  $5.00

2nd Premium:  Ava Ledon  $3.00


1st Premium:  Sienna Alexander  $5.00

1st Premium:  Sienna Alexander  $5.00

1st Premium:  Sienna Alexander  $5.00


1st Premium:  Caroline Locke  $5.00

1st Premium:  Caroline Locke  $5.00


1st Premium:  Madisyn DeRita  $5.00

1st Premium:  Madisyn DeRita  $5.00

1st Premium:  Madisyn DeRita  $5.00


1st Premium:  Rees Miller  $5.00

2nd Premium:  Rees Miller  $3.00

2nd Premium:  Rees Miller  $3.00


1st Premium:  Gianna Falcones  $5.00

1st Premium:  Gianna Falcones  $5.00

2nd Premium:  Gianna Falcones  $3.00


1st Premium:  Max McDonald  Age 10  $5.00

1st Premium:  Max McDonald  Age 10  $5.00


1st Premium:  Emily Royo  Age 17  $5.00


1st Premium:  Christopher Carnes  Age 10  $5.00

Madisyn won 3 first place awards for these 3 pieces shown in the photo for the Marin County Fair Show. She can be featured as the recipient of the Women Supporting the Arts scholarship award for the last 2 years. Her work will be featured and she will be painting live in the Home and Garden Show this weekend March 6-8 at Martin County Fairgrounds. She will also be showing for the first time as an emerging artist at ArtsFest on March 28-29 in the community tent with professional artists from our community.

Miss Alicia’s class In Order: Gianna age 8 - Reece age 8, Ava age 8 and Sienna age 8. Students won 27 CASH awards and 25 Premium first place awards


5th Arts Olympiad Digital Art winner from Florida

Kimberly Locke, her parents and school teachers are invited to participate in the 5th World Children's Festival this July 4th weekend at The National Mall in Washington, D.C. Kimberly's artwork will be also be showcased at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil as well as online.

"Sailing Towards the Finish Line" - Digital Art by Kimberly Locke

"I call this painting, "Sailing Towards the Finish Line". It is a self-portrait representing me working towards my goal of making it into the Olympics in 2024, which I hope to do with my identical twin sister, Caroline. I painted this painting of me sailing in my "Opti", which is short for Optimist Dinghy. Optis are the largest class of racing sailboats in the world and are for kids between the ages of 8 and 15. Sometimes we have more than 300 kids competing in a regatta! After I heard about the Arts Olympiad, I was very excited because I consider myself both an artist and an athlete. I originally painted this painting in acrylics and then created a digital art piece from my original work to add effects to make it more dynamic. Most of my life I have sailed. I have always wanted to be in a big event with my sailing. I think it would be amazing to go to the Olympics.


I think the Olympics should include art as well as sports because art involves the brain while sport involves the body and both together make a complete person.

By Kimberly Locke

First launched in 1999 as the "Olympics" of children's imagination and co-creation, the WCF has grown into the world's premier children's celebration and is now a permanent quadrennial event in our nation's capital. The WCF advances a grassroots movement for children's creative and empathic development sparked some twenty years ago by the International Child Art Foundationas the building block for universal prosperity and peace.

Home & Garden and Fine Art Show 2015:


People’s Choice Awards:


First Place:
  • Ella Polhemus K-3
  • Christopher Carnes 4th - 5th
  • Abigail Afong Middle School
  • Brandon Payne High School





Second Place:
  • Michael Mikati K-3
  • Wyatt McDaniel 4th - 5th
  • Ty Campbell Middle School
  • Emily Smith High School

Third Place:
  • Emma Butcher K-3
  • Reagan Smith 4th - 5th
  • Madisyn Derita Middle School
  • AJ Willsey High School

Judges Awards:


First Place:
  • Michael Mikati K-3
  • Reagan Smith 4th - 5th
  • Ty Campbell Middle School
  • Brandon Payne High School





Second Place:
  • Ella Polhemus K-3
  • Gianna Falcones 4th - 5th
  • Ariel Dacosta Middle School
  • AJ Willsey High School

Third Place:
  • Marissa Dadko K-3
  • Grace Fennimin 4th - 5th
  • Madisyn Derita Middle School
  • Emily Smith High School

Honorable Mentions:
  • Rees Miller K-3
  • Reece Richardson K-3
  • Gabe Mikati K-3
  • Sienna Alexander K-3
  • Max McDonald 4th - 5th
  • Wyatt McDaniel 4th - 5th
  • Abigail Afong Middle School

Certificate of Excellence:

All students participating will receive a certificate of excellence. This show simply amazed our community. Every single painting is worthy of an award!

Congratulations to winners of the Reflections Contest for all Martin County primary and intermediate grades for 2015:

  • Christopher Carnes
  • Ella Migliorino
  • Mia Gifford

5th Arts Olympiad Digital Art winner from Florida

Kimberly Locke and her family were invited to participate in the 5th World Children's Festival this July 4th weekend at The National Mall in Washington, D.C. What an amazing experience for Kimberly and Caroline! At the 5th Arts Olympiad Awards Banquet they made friends and pen pals and traded swag with kids from Japan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, China, Malaysia, Australia, Liberia, Kentucky, New Zealand, Sudan, Germany, Turkey, Azerbiajan, Balarus, Romania, Russia Indonesia and California. Too cool!





After she and her family arrived home from the Art Olympiad in Washington DC they opened the mail and found out that "Sailing to the Finish Line" has also been chosen as one of the "Top Ten" entries in North America in the Celebrating Art Contest ! Besides going on tour to Sweden, Malasia and the Olympics in Brazil, her painting will be published in an art book and may even be featured on the cover. Kimberly is thrilled because she won a gift certificate to purchase art supplies. So happy for her.



Garden Club of Stuart Poster Contest Winners for the "2016 Secret Garden Tour" March 12-13:

  • Grace Fenniman
  • Ava Ledon
  • Lynne Barletta
  • Courtney Jones
  • Michael Mikati

Posters will be displayed at Martin County restaurants, local businesses and at the “plant sale” at the Home & Garden Show March 5-6. Their original art will each be displayed at at one of the gardens on the Secret Gardens Tour.

The winners were given gift certificates from Stuart Art Supply

MIA GIFFORD State Winner

2015-2016 Florida PTA Reflections "Let Your Imagination Fly"

Congratulations MIKA FOWLER Recipient of Women's Club of Stuart scholarship for fall of 2016

Congratulations to MADISYN DERITA

Winner of the 2016 Color Me Patriotic contest for high school students in Martin County. Contest Sponsored by Vicki Davis, MartinCounty Supervisor of Elections. Madisyn's painting will be on permanent display at Vicki Davis' Office of Elections. Lynne received the award from the Martin County Commission Meeting for Madisyn. Madisyn received a standing ovation for her outstanding work and a check for $200.00


Congratulations to ELLE KING

Women Supporting the Arts in the Children's Mental Health Awareness Art Contest

Elle's art has been selected to be displayed at the Osceola Street Cafe during the month of May

Audubon of Martin County - My Favorite Bird Essay & Art Contest

  • Congratulations to AVA LEDON, 4th grade 3rd place essay and 2nd place 4th grade. Teacher Alicia Posluszny Jones
  • Congratulations to MIA GIFFORD, 5th grade 2nd place. Teacher Alicia Posluszny Jones and CLARE INNES, 3rd place
  • Congratulations to ADDISON BOYER, 4th grade 1st place. Teacher Alicia Posluszny Jones

CHRISTOPHER CARNES 1st Place Water Conservation Poster Contest


Several of our artists were featured in the 2017 Never Forget Tribute Youth Art Exhibition & Contest.